All about Mens Suit

All about Mens Suit

Every man needs at least one elegant, high quality suit whether it is for work or a special occasion. Mens suits are one of the most important formal basic wear in any Mens wardrobe. Ready made Mens suits are easily available and designed with the latest fashion. Suits projects the man’s confidence and power in business as well as stylish masculinity during formal situations. Selection of appropriate Mens suits for wardrobe is very important for Mens personality. Having business suits in different styles, colors and materials means a man can look his best. The dynamic composition of Mens suit combines the natural comfort and flexibility of quality fabric, with the modernity. This helps men suit retain its style and quality, keep its shape, breathe naturally, and give freedom of movement. With a super soft fabrics and detailing to match, Mens outfit can be compared with the best. Businessman’s wardrobe must be perfect fit with the quality suits, luxury shirts, slacks, jackets, vests, accessories, shoes and tuxedos. Knowing about details of Mens suits such as fabric, collar style, jacket, no of buttons, single breasted or double breasted, mens suit pants, vested suits are very important for selecting best suit match to your personality.

Mens Suit Stitching

  • Stitching is the foundation for holding up all the parts of Mens suits. It is also the hallmark of quality in the work of a tailor or designer.
  • High quality suit need neat and firm stitching on all parts on Mens suits.
  • Hand stitching is the best but its finish is usually uneven compared to machine-stitch.
  • The buttons and button holes are properly placed to check the quality of stitch.    

Mens Suit’s Collar and Lapel

  • Suit collars extending to the front part of the chest area are known as lapels. Lapels and collars are widely modified mens suits for change suit fashion. The collar snugs tightly around your neck without buckling. One half inch of the dress shirt should be visible under the suit collar.
  • Standard lapel width should be 3 to 4 inches. Most importantly, it should be proportionate to the overall size of the Mens suit as well as the distance between the chests to the shoulder.
  • Lapels have to fall flat on your chest. They should not buckle or bunch up. In general, lapels should have the end tip about halfway between the suit’s top sleeve and collar.

Pocket Style for Men Suit

  • Pockets are important in mens suits because its styles can vary on different suits.
  • A popular tailoring for pockets is the besom. It is an inset pocket sewn inside the garment with access through a narrow welted slit-type opening.
  • Three types of pockets are popular on suits are slit pockets, flap pockets and high quality pockets. Slit pockets represents a slit style which gives a clean finish on the suit’s hip area. Usually the slit pockets are jetted at the opening of the pockets. Flap pockets are additional fabric on covering the outside of the pocket opening. A high quality pocket allows both a slit pocket and flap pocket. It is required to be double-besomed so that it becomes a slit pocket when the flap is inserted into the pocket. It gives alternate looks on a single suit.

Vent in Mens Suit

  • In Mens suit, vents are vertical slit openings creating flaps at the lower back of suits.
  • Vents are tailored to provide freedom and space for movement around the hip area of the suit. Without a vent, it can cause the suit to crumble and feel tight at the hip area.
  •  Vents should have the one of the flaps overlap the other by about ¾ inch and not reveal the pants through it.
  • The three popular types of vents in suits are single vent, double vent and vent-less.
  •  In single vents, the slit opening is at the center lower back of the suit. This is a typical look found among American-style suit.
  • In double vents, vents are cut symmetrically on both sides of the hip area of the men suit. It provides more freedom of movement than single vents. It also emphasizes the lines of the body.
  • In Vent-less there is no vent. Ventless suit can restrict movement like raising your arm or sitting. It is more suitable for slimmer man.


Button in Mens Suit

  • Buttons involves the most handling during the wearing experience especially when fastening and unfastening.
  • Plastic buttons are not suitable in suits. Select natural horn, pearl, or bone buttons in men suits. Mother-of-pearl, metal, or ceramics are other types of button for Mens suit.
  • Check that the closure is tight when buttoned. There should not be puckering of fabrics around the fastened buttons. Such puckering would mean unleveled sewing of buttons and button holes.
  • Mens suits are available in 1 button, 2 button, 3 button and 4 button suits.


Shoulder Padding in Mens Suits

  • Generally most suits have padding and the thickness of shoulder pads depends on the Mens shoulder and body shape.
  • Slightly thicker shoulder pads would be suitable for slope shoulder men to make the suit look leveled.
  • Heavy padding will not be suitable for men with wide broad shoulders.


Armhole and Sleeve style in Men Suit

  • Armholes are the inside of your sleeves where you slip your arm in.
  • Generally high arm holes would give suit a nice drape.
  • The armholes should be wide enough for easy movement of arms.
  • An important advice about sleeve style in suit is they should end at about ½ to ¼ inches before the dress shirt cuffs worn within.
  • Generally the sleeve will end at mid-point of your wrist bone.


Mens Suits Pants

  • Mens suits encompassing the pants are the drape, the pleats and the cuffs.
  • Drape of the pants over your lower body should be smooth and floats over your legs.
  • The length of the rise complements your height. Taller men will suit higher rise while shorter men should settle for lower rise.
  • In mens suit pants, there are 3 types of pleats such as single pleat, double pleat, and pleatless flat front.
  • Cuffs are upward folds made at the end of the pants. It is recommended that your cuffs be 1½ - 1¾ inch wide depending on the Mens overall size. Generally pants cuffs look better on taller man.
  • To make shorter man look even shorter with cuff pants. Make sure the cuff at the pants end fall with ease without too much gather.